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Product application engineer 1
1. College degree or above, electronic power, automation and other related professional;
2. 3 years or more switching power supply or LED drive power hardware design, production, application experience;
3. Have one or more experience in application design of power supply system, switching power supply DC / DC, AC / DC, inverter, battery charging and management;
4. Proficiency in various power supply topology, and its application requirements for magnetic original;
5. Have a strong power failure analysis problem ability;
6. Master the PROTEL software or PowerPCB design, can draw PCB board and PCB production technology and parts assembly process experience;
7. Strong communication skills, team spirit.
Treatment Negotiable
Sales Engineer
1. Secondary school or higher education, male or female;
2. More than three years of electronic components market development and sales experience;
3. Understand the domestic and local electronic components terminal customer market, with a certain customer base is preferred;
4. Have a good professionalism, a sense of responsibility and market development ability
5. Agile thinking, cheerful, team spirit;